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    ASL Summer 2022 Soccer Season Starts In:


    Aurora Soccer League

    Welcome to the ASL, hosted by the Aurora Soccer Club. 

    In keeping with our on-going goal of providing a dynamic, inclusive and sustainable community destination for adults seeking to play the beautiful game and socialize with fellow enthusiasts, we are delighted that you are here on our ASL registration site, and hope that whether you are a player, fan or just want to socialize with members of the community that you take the time to join us at the clubhouse 510 Industrial Parkway South, in Aurora and enjoy some of our renowned hospitality.


    In order to register for one of our leagues, please click on the link below and either download the Sport Engine app for IOS or Android, or update your existing account and register for the upcoming season.


    You can also access the ASL via the web at


    For club and social updates, please visit our web-site at


    Looking forward to seeing you at the Aurora Soccer Club.

    ASL 2022 Soccer Programs

    The Aurora Soccer Club supports teams from across York Region, in all categories of play and we welcome any interested adult to come out and join us in enjoying the beautiful game:


    • Age Groups: +18 Years of age.
    • League Formats:  Men, Women, Co-Ed, Pick-Up, Walking Soccer.
    • Categories:  Competitive, Recreational, House League, Pick-Up.
    • Summer Schedule: 
      • Monday – Friday.  7pm – 11pm.
      • Saturday – Sunday.  Mornings & Afternoons.
    • Provincial & Regional:  Competitive teams play in the OSL and OWSL.
    • Winter Schedule: 
      • Thursday – Friday.  7pm – 11pm.
      • Saturday – Sunday.  Mornings & Afternoons.


    The club also proudly hosts several tournaments during the summer in support of local charities and all of our players are invited to participate and enjoy these renowned weekend festivities.  Additionally, we host junior tournaments along with traveling international soccer activities.  

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    Aurora Soccer League

    Phone: 905-727-7759